Get the most out your Zendesk by connecting it with Jigso

Simplify your customer support experience with real-time alerts and advanced data querying capabilities! Integrated with Zendesk, Jigso empowers your team to receive instant alerts on critical support tickets, customer inquiries, and escalations. Effortlessly query Zendesk data to access customer information, track support ticket statuses, and provide personalized assistance. Experience the perfect convergence of AI capabilities and Zendesk's industry-leading customer support platform, elevating your team's ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Use Cases:

Get timely reports on things that matter to you

Get alerts/notification of opportunities/topics that you are connected to, so you won't miss a thing

Query your Zendesk for any data point instantly

Track any keyword, topic in your Zendesk and let Sidekick babysit it on your behalf

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