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Meet Jigso.

360° AI-powered research & analysis

Spend less time searching & putting together information & get up to speed or prep for meetings with AI-powered research.

360° Search  

Save hours by getting your answers from across apps & data on pipeline, tickets, clients, files or topics.

Monitoring across apps

Catch issues before they become issues & capitalize on opportunities that fuel growth with Jigso monitoring your apps & data for you.

Action item detection

Never miss anything important with automatic action item detection & reminders from across communications & work apps.

There's Lots to Love About Jigso

Across industries and teams, Jigso AI is a gamechanger.

I love the auto reminders to follow up on things because I can get easily sidetracked!
I love it reminding me of my to-dos! And unanswered messages. Really helps me keep track of what needs to get done!
For me, I think connecting to and answering questions about documents, especially sheets is awesome!
The possibilities to automate regular tasks and make them more efficient are beyond imagination!
Eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and saves time. Very helpful!
I love how good Jigso is at summarizing missed messages (especially when you don't have time or you were on a vacation) also how it gives alerts for all the important messages and activity that might be missed the chat bot feature is super useful when you want to know about important news in a channel.
my favorite is how Jigso summarizes and creates actions items from messages!
I love how it reminds me of tasks that are mentioned in day to day conversations. Its saved me a few times!
I really like setting reminders and getting summaries/to do items from conversations!
I love how Jigso automatically sends me reminders from slack conversations. I basically run all communication through slack so it has been very helpful in achieving deadlines and not letting the little things fall through the cracks.
I love the consolidation of my missing tasks and helpful action items
Simply, I love how it aggregates everything for me.
I like the auto recommendations that summarize a topic in a channel. It's a great way to get a little more context but allowing Jigso to post chatGPT answers into the channel.
My favorite features are Jigso's summaries and reminders of tasks that happened in my daily conversations.
Jigso is like going to an Apple Store, but for my data, one-stop-shop for all my tickets, questions, reports and pending tasks. It's impossible to miss something with all the Action item automatically created. Not to mention last week I was about %20 more productive (in terms of time) in all kind of tasks Jigso helps me with now.
I love the daily task list and reminders that helps me not miss anything!
I love Jigso's reminders and keeping track of things that I might forget if im busy
I love how Jigso gives me a list and breakdown of my latest Jira tasks and mentions on Slack!
I love the automatic reminders, expanding links with a summary, proactive identification of potentially missed or unaddressed messages...
I love its seamless compatibility with Slack!
I like it's ability to track topics efficiently, I find it quite useful.
Reminders when I miss an important update
I love how it is very well integrated with slack, which Im using on daily basis, so it is very comfortable to use.
I love how it sums up communications so rather than going thru individual chats i can see everything at a glance.
I love how Jigso helps me stay up to date in case I missed anything
I like how it gives me reminders about actionable tasks. It also is a great coding assistant for Python or JavaScript code.
I love the Action item summaries Jigso gives every day.
Currently, what I like most of Jigso AI & it's features is that it takes a lot of stress and hassle out of following up on tasks as they are asked in Slack and my ability to take a high level look at tickets inside of Zendesk! This is really beneficial is grabbing data quickly, conveying to leadership or coming up with quick wins!
I like Jigso's AI generated to-do lists and article summaries!
Things I love about Jigso: - quick TL;DR - answer questions - Answer questions about what's happening in my Salesforce, Jira, or Zendesk - Answer questions about any spreadsheet - Reminds me about whatever I ask to
Jigso is great at informing and reminding of all mentions on all slack channel that I missed and it's very easy to make notes and event reminders.
Mostly, I like the reminders and action items of various insights he understands alone from discussions with colleagues!
I love the reminding me of the completion of tickets, the status of them and the follow up reminder! Love it!
Jigso reminding me of tasks I might have forgot & suggesting tasks is really helpful!
Accessibility - quickly available without leaving Slack and distracting myself
Jigso's consolidation of work, just to ensure I do not miss anything towards the end of the day!
The fact you can consult with Jigso as if it was one of the team members in the channel and the fact that it offers you reminders on important topic. I like other features too, but these are the most useful
I love how it gives me points on what need to do without me needing to look at the channel
I love the summarized conversations and my "to-do" list that's generated.
I love the efficiency it brings, its accurate AI assistance and, most importantly, the task reminders!
I love the very handy reminders, action items and notifications!
Jigso is providing with the accurate results for my search. It's helping me a lot in simplifying my work.
I like that it itemizes conversations I have into to-do lists. Its very powerful combined with Slack!
It's a quick way to get things checked without having to come of slack, it is also great at picking out reminders from conversions that have been had on slack but not necessarily checked back on.
I really like Jigso's fast response and professionalism in Chatgpt formatting. I also love that you can pin information to find quickly in chats! These two features have been amazing help
I love how it reminds me of things I would've easily forgotten to follow up on!
It's great how it collates tasks given to me by other coworkers/managers and reminds me to do them! It's like having an automated checklist built for me every day.
I love asking it to send me reminders for work-related things and even personal reminders such as changing the laundry while I'm working from home!
Reminders that might slip by, it's a good feature. Great for anyone that gets a lot of slacks!
It's great how Jigso tracks daily tasks that need to be done. I also like how it can integrate with our Zendesk Sell CRM to give me status updates
I really like having the ability to ask Jigso questions about our sales pipeline. The responses are very accurate.
I love how it always reminds me of the important items that need to be done.
It's like having a real conversation with a well clued up member of the team. We have been using for a month or so and honestly I have mentioned to everyone I know that uses Slack that they should try it!
I love Jigso's reminders for all reports I haven't reply or I need to respond. It helps a lot for me to monitor each of my team members and to address their concerns and requests. This makes my work easier!
I love its summarizing, that its informative and helps me catch up missing messages and tasks!
It's absolutely amazing in its integrations with different tools - and does a great job to keep me on top of all the important things. One particularly handy feature for example is the "Action items" its able to create based on my Slack message history. I used to 'forget' many of them as there is tons of emails and messages incoming - but with Jigso's auto summarization and generation of action items, that is not an issue anymore. Besides that, I also use it to track Jira tickets, Calendar events, etc. It's a great buddy for helping you stay on top of things
Jigso composing suggestions and tasks to me that happened in Slack conversations is awesome.
Jigso really helps me to organize my day. I love the reminder features!
I love the smart reminders and summaries
Jigso AI offers efficient task management, information retrieval, personalized assistance, integration with other tools, and natural language processing, enhancing productivity and user experience.
I really like the way it reminds me of something i might have read or need to look at again.
I like most that Jigso reminds me the stuff I need to follow up and of my tickets and conversations that I forgot about!
I love the reminders and Jigso's help with initial drafts of emails
I find Jigso reminding me about requests from colleagues very helpful.
Jigso's action items from the past 24 hours on Slack are very useful
Jigso is great at keeping me up to date on messages I might otherwise miss.
Jigso is really great at helping me organize my tasks.
Jigso is great at recapping heavy Slack conversations, asking about Hubspot data as well as reminders!
This one tool is so versatile that I can use it for reminders and can answer to any of my questions!
The synthetism of conversation and the produced todo list are awesome!
I like the fact that I have a chat gpt type tool right 'under my hand' + the feature to notify me when the specific word is used in any slack conversation.
I love how Jigso helps remind me of unread slacks or action items from my messages! Really awesome!
Jigso AI offers several valuable features that users may appreciate. It creates a lot of efficiency, providing personalized recommendations and responses. It can also be integrated with various platforms and applications to streamline. Overall, Jigso AI's features are designed to enhance productivity, facilitate communication, and support decision-making, making it a valuable tool for individuals and organizations alike.
Jigso reminding me of action items from discussions is super helpful.
Jigso is great because it solves a lot of missed messages and gives good prompts, I also enjoy prompting!
I love the suggestions for tasks, its the mental notes in writing that I didn't know I needed!
I love the way it picks key points from conversation and indicates to do list for me based on that.
I like the daily recap and action items from the day before, it's a good way to get the day in focus around anything still hanging.
Jigso's ability to stay on the sidelines and jump in with suggestions, rather than me having to come to a gpt for help is helps me save time and effort!
The collaboration with Chat GPT makes it the best and the alerts Jigso provides for the pending tasks is also great!
I really like the reminders about the tasks I need to do based on the chat history, awesome stuff!
I really like that Jigso is creating tasks for me.
I love how I can tracking specific keywords and its help with reminders!
I like how it summarizes potential action items as a reminder!
I love how it scans my Slack to capture my To Dos. Also really enjoy how it summarizes links!
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