Get the most out your Slack by connecting it with Sidekick

Introducing Sidekick and Slack Integration: Enhance team collaboration and stay informed with real-time alerts and seamless data querying capabilities! Our AI Business Assistant integrates flawlessly with Slack, enabling you to receive instant alerts on important messages, mentions, and updates from various channels and projects. Effortlessly query Slack data to retrieve information, track conversations, and extract valuable insights. Experience the perfect fusion of AI-driven assistance and Slack's intuitive messaging and collaboration platform, revolutionizing the way your team communicates, shares information, and stays productive.

Use Cases:

Get alerts/notification of opportunities/topics that you are connected to, so you won't miss a thing

Query your Slack for any information instantly

Summarize and ask questions about long threads

Track any keyword, topic in your Slack and let Sidekick have your back

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