Get the most out your Hubspot by connecting it with Sidekick

Introducing Sidekick and HubSpot Integration: Optimize your marketing and sales strategies with real-time alerts and advanced data querying capabilities! Integrated with HubSpot, our AI Business Assistant keeps you informed about critical marketing and sales events, such as lead conversions, campaign performance, and customer interactions. Effortlessly query HubSpot data to analyze marketing campaigns, track lead engagement, and identify growth opportunities. Experience the perfect blend of AI-driven assistance and HubSpot's comprehensive CRM platform, driving your marketing and sales success to new heights

Use Cases:

Get timely reports on things that matter to you

Get alerts/notification of opportunities/topics that you are connected to, so you won't miss a thing

Query your Hubspot for any data point instantly

Track any keyword, topic in your Hubspot and let Sidekick babysit it on your behalf