Integrate Files

Get the most out your files by connecting them to Sidekick

Introducing Sidekick and Files Integration: Unlock the power of seamless file management and effortless information retrieval with our AI Business Assistant integrated with popular file formats and platforms. Whether it's Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs, or Google Sheets, our AI-powered solution empowers you to ask questions about your files and receive accurate answers instantly. Collaboration and knowledge sharing become streamlined as Sidekick's file integration allows you to effortlessly ask questions and receive answers from your files, enhancing team productivity and decision-making. Instead of spending valuable time manually searching through documents or spreadsheets, you can rely on our AI assistant to provide quick and accurate information at your command.

Use Cases:

Find specific data on your files

Get specific answers from various documents

Summarize long documents to get a faster understanding of what's important

Save time by having everything at the tip of your fingers

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