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June 4, 2024

At Jigso, we're not just about making work simpler and that no one drops the ball, but also to educate and bring industry leading guests to discuss the most pressing topics affecting our work lives. It's with that in mind we launched a new series called Work Related. We kicked off our first episode in the series with Ziv Peled, Chief Customer Officer at global company, Appsflyer, to discuss how he sees AI transforming the way we work. Check that episode out here!

On episode #2, Jigso co-founder and CEO, Or Shani, was joined by Max Rimpel, Partner at General Catalyst to discuss a range of AI topics:

  • The impact of AI (Hype or Real)
  • How different countries approach AI
  • Tips on how to approach AI as an enterprise
  • What's next for AI?!

With decades of experience and having been intimately involved across various tech industries, Max Rimpel offers tons of insights from his 30,000 foot view. Don't miss the episode:

Stay tuned for the next episode and the latest updates from Jigso! Join us on Linkedin and Youtube!

About Jigso:

Jigso is your AI assistant that connects to all your work apps and files, allowing you to interact with them from a single point.  Make work simpler. Never drop the ball.

  • Set custom system-wide alerts
  • Automatic action item detection & management
  • Get answers on data & generate instant reports
  • Master information hub for all your apps & files

Oren Langberg
Head of Marketing & Community
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