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June 4, 2024

It seems like only yesterday we unveiled the enterprise version of Jigso and its capabilities, but the team is nonstop improving existing and developing new features our users love - which is where a majority of product enhancement and new feature ideas originate through continuous feedback and focus groups.

Check out just a few of the product update highlights from the past month, April 2024:

Chat Now Available on the Jigso Web App

We are super excited to announce the launch of this long awaited feature! Whereas previously you would have to communicate with your Jigso through its Slack bot, you can now directly interact with Jigso through the web app. Set up tracking and alerts, request any info, generate reports and more, now through the web app chat feature.

Anomaly Detection Across Your Work Apps Now Live:

Anomaly detection is a super useful and exciting feature that has already caught more than a few balls from dropping! Constantly monitoring all of your digital dashboards and apps, Jigso analyzes and detects unusual activity like sudden rise or drop in a client's product usage or in the number of new signups in a day. Having this information allows you to go from reactive to proactive whether its a positive to capitalize on or a fire you can now put out before it spreads. Nice one team!

Integration to Gemini Pro 1.5

In addition to the existing integration to ChatGPT 4.o, users can now reference Gemini instead for related AI chatbot questions - further expanding the resources available and allowing users to optimize their experience.

Stay tuned for much more to come & join us on Linkedin for the latest!

Don’t have Jigso yet?! Get Jigso Basic here or learn more about Jigso’s enterprise version from the team.

About Jigso:

Jigso is your AI assistant that connects to all your work apps and files, allowing you to interact with them from a single point.  Make work simpler. Never drop the ball.

  • Set custom system-wide alerts
  • Automatic action item detection & management
  • Get answers on data & generate instant reports
  • Master information hub for all your apps & files

Oren Langberg
Head of Marketing & Community
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