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June 4, 2024

Why Companies Need Jigso Now More Than Ever

Let’s face it, work has become increasingly busy, noisy & inefficient.  What began as integrating key apps and tools to empower employees, has become an overwhelming fog of work similar to an obstacle course in achieving our KPIs; working with many apps, Slack channels and emails, prospects and clients, tasks and projects with an increased emphasis on productivity and output, and not quality.  This fog of work results in people making mistakes, missing things and dropping the ball left and right. 

This dilemma is more drastic in larger enterprise companies made up of more departments and teams that use more work apps & communications channels, have more extensive pipelines and more clients to manage. Moreover, as managers of larger teams and department heads you expect your team to actually use each app to the fullest, check everything they need to, be proactive and not miss anything. The reality is most people won’t, which leaves you taking time to micromanage when you don’t want to and/or the risk people will stay on point.

SOC2 certified, Jigso's AI command center connects to and babysits all your work apps and data sources, so you don’t have to. It manages action items for you and your team, so you don’t have to. Put Jigso to work to alert you to important activity to stay proactive and get answers to questions about anything connected - serving as a master information hub for all your apps and data. All in chat form. All to make sure you & your team never drop the ball and are able to be proactive.

With over 2,500 organizations now using Jigso to supercharge their work game, we’re excited to announce a more enhanced Enterprise version of Jigso that meets the needs of larger organizations!

Jigso's Enterprise AI Command Center: A Game Changer 

While many companies have already felt the value of Jigso Basic’s functionality and integrations, Jigso for larger organizations is a far more robust software that offers faster response times, more configurable functionality and advanced features, custom integrations to any app or database as well as mapping to any relevant data fields, not to mention receiving your own dedicated client support team and training on maximizing your Jigso.  All clients that have had early access to Jigso's AI command center have said one thing…gamechanger. 

Jigso for Enterprise is the perfect solution for organizations looking to unify apps and data, streamline & reduce workload, increase work efficiency, and ensure everyone is on top of their game and never drops the ball.  

What if everyone at your organization had an AI Jigso to make sure they stayed on top of their work game?

Jigso Basic vs Enterprise

Learn more and find out what deploying the Jigso Command Center would look like by scheduling a demo and deep dive into here

Oren Langberg
Head of Marketing
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