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April 18, 2024

The current fog of work has us overwhelmed, overworked and over-app’d, not to mention holds us back from giving our best work. 

All the apps, data, systems, notifications, discussions, emails, meetings, action items, projects, context-switching, wasted time and more, lead to mistakes made, balls dropped, and opportunities missed.

Getting angry at all your work apps, systems, and data is like getting angry at a red light. It’s time for us to adapt and find the best solution through the fog. And what if you had your own professional sidekick that gives you near super powers to perform your job? An AI professional assistant there with you, adapting to your work needs, that could weave through all the noise for you, handle the admin, babysit your apps and data, monitor, track and alert you to important activity and relevant info, not only ensuring you never drop the ball or miss opportunities but give you the ability to actually focus on more strategic work that significantly moves the value needle. 

What’s described above is not out of a George Orwell science fiction novel or something in the near distant future. The rise of AI and an increasingly overwhelming work environment has brought it to the present and Jigso is already at the forefront. It’s your AI professional assistant that brings clarity and sanity back to your worklife. A Sidekick that makes sure you stay on top of your work game.

Whether you work in biotech or software development, telecommunications or ecommerce, are a sales executive, customer success team lead, head of operations or chief revenue officer, Jigso removes all blindspots and gives you full observability over your entire area of work.

And since Jigso can be used in many different ways by different teams and positions, from day one our mission was to be a community-driven company. Meaning, our users and community are the biggest contributors to our product. Jigso Pros as we like to call them, actively provide feedback, test new features and provide new feature ideas. Together, we will make sure everyone has their own professional AI sidekick. 

Never drop the ball with Jigso

The above image represents just a few core systems and apps Jigso connects to. Plug Jigso in to all your apps such as Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, Jira, Zendesk, as well as google drive docs and put your new AI sidekick to work. 

Monitor, track and receive alerts on important activity mentions, clients, keywords throughout all connected apps. All in chat form. For example, “let me know everytime an opportunity over 50k moves to contract” or “let me know everytime Tempo Corp. is mentioned” or “lmk when a ticket in Zendesk is stuck for more than 5 days”.

Receive answers instantly on questions on sales pipeline, client activity, action items, product milestones and issues, and more. For example, “how many opportunities does Steve have in contract”, “What are all Zendesk tickets currently stuck in critical” or “Which clients are stuck in onboarding for more than 7 days”.  

Ask Jigso to send you reminders on anything such as, “Remind me to follow up with Tempo Corp in 5 days”. 

Summarize content from Slack discussions or docs uploaded, and access ChatGPT4 to generate content like emails, messages and posts.

All to make sure you never drop the ball, and are able stay on top of your work game!

Getting your Jigso to work is straightforward. Install Jigso to your Slack and go through the tutorials to get your feet wet! 

After that, make sure to connect your Jigso to all your apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, Jira, Zendesk and more to receive the full usage and observability.  If you need help on how to do so…just ask your AI sidekick😉.

Stay tuned for more Jigso news, updates and articles! Book time here with the team to learn more about Jigso for enterprise.

‍Oren Langberg
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