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April 18, 2024

Since releasing the Beta version of Jigso only several months ago, there are over 2,000 companies and organizations that have empowered their teams with their own AI professional assistants to make sure they stay on top of their work game. But this only marks the beginning of our journey as a company. A journey to save people and companies from the many obstacles, pitfalls and ingrained challenges of succeeding in the new work reality of today. A journey to alter the future of work. 

Who we are:

Jigso was founded by two tech entrepreneurs, Or Shani and Tomer Naveh. The duo has nearly two decades of expertise in building technology driven companies in the field of AI. The last of which introduced an AI autonomous marketing engine that managed marketing and advertising campaigns by itself. An AI product 10 years before it was mainstream.  From their previous startups, Tomer and Or saw first hand how the many trials and tribulations of a startup growing fast into a large company that had many teams, overlapping communication lines, multiple departments and internal systems. It was so often the littlest balls being dropped that created the biggest impact and missed opportunities, of which most could have been prevented. 

Within a year of selling the previous company, Jigso was born to be a business observability system to empower people and companies to keep their pulse on everything going on and efficiently navigate through the fog of work; many apps, tons of data and info to absorb, tons of discussions, channels, meetings, action items and more. Since the early days, we decided to build Jigso differently. Not in a closed box, but together with our users. The community are Jigso's biggest contributors; providing feedback, testing new features, and supporting feature design. Jigso Pros as we like to call them. Together, we are developing an evolving product that will alleviate everyone’s work and work life. And just eighteen months after Jigso came out of stealth over 2,000 companies worldwide are now using it to supercharge their teams’ work game.

Why we do what we do

We have all been there. Overwhelmed by the fog of work.

Working with multiple systems & apps, active in many discussions, weaving through countless notifications and meetings, action items piling up, and people across teams pinging you for answers, it's hard to rise above the noise and stay there. We’ve seen first hand how this noise leads to mistakes, missed opportunities, a near constant state of frustration and stress on employees, and overall holds companies back. And it’s not industry specific, we’re human. We’re not meant to juggle so much at the same time.

That's why we created Jigso, a professional AI assistant there to support professionals and companies stay on top of their work game and never drop the ball again. Download and connect Jigso to all your work apps and use it to monitor workflows, clients, mentions and KPIs. Use Jigso to set up customer alerts system-wide, reminders, summarize docs, communications and to generate content. All in chat form.  Now, instead of having to deal with all the admin, you can focus on the job you were meant to do. Because most companies and people don’t fail because of a major event or two, it happens from little balls being dropped and mistakes being made that add up. 

What’s to come:

At Jigso, we’re not just talking about the future of work, we’re building it. Now. The work revolution has been on the horizon and we’re currently in the perfect storm to drive it forward; companies working leaner and adding workload, people working with a growing number of apps and data that we weren’t built to deal with, and the rise in AI acceptance and adoption. 

Our vision at Jigso is simple. The current fog of work environment of app and data chaos, tons of parallel tasks and discussions, context switching holds us back and adds more and more unnecessary weight on our shoulders, as if we’re working with balls and chains. We envision a work world where people are free from those balls and chains and are able to get back to focus on higher level work that really moves the value needle. Our mission is to develop an evolving professional AI sidekick together with our community and put it in the hands, or computers, of every professional to do just that.

Give Jigso a test drive at Jigso.io and join our community of Jigso Pros. For more news, updates and info follow us on Linkedin.  To learn more about Jigso for enterprise, book some time here with the team.

Oren Langberg
Head of Marketing & Community
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