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June 4, 2024

It has been a wild year of developments and progress for Jigso - with over 2,700 companies using Jigso-Sidekick to make work simpler and save hours with custom system-wide alerts, automatic action item detection and management, retrieving information, data, reports and more. Since the beginning, our users have been the biggest contributors to these features and their development - providing feedback and helping shape Jigso Sidekick.  

Following our recent community events - product feedback and live product deep dive Q&A with Jigso CEO Or Shani - we are excited to announce that internal testing of a new feature called Jigso Sidekick 360 is now complete and we are inviting a limited number of Jigso users to receive early access, test and help shape this powerful new feature.  The team began development based on feedback from the community and we are thrilled to roll it out, get initial feedback, make improvements, and then roll it out to all Jigso users! 

Already using Jigso Sidekick and want to participate in this community event? Sign up here.

Don’t have Jigso Sidekick yet?! You can get the basic version of Jigso here or to learn more about Jigso’s enterprise version from the team, book your demo here.

About Jigso:

Jigso is your AI assistant that connects to all your work apps and files, allowing you to interact with them from a single point.  Make work simpler. Never drop the ball. 

  • Set custom system-wide alerts
  • Automatic action item detection & management
  • Get answers on data & generate instant reports
  • Master information hub for all your apps & files

Oren Langberg
Head of Marketing & Community
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