TL;DR Blog
August 8, 2023

3 tips for superb customer experience, regardless of whom you work for

We all do our best to provide our customers with a superb customer experience, and there are many ways of making this happen.  But it really all comes down to three simple rules that every customer-facing person should follow, regardless of their business, vertical, location, and culture. Those rules are:

  1. Respond quickly. No one likes to wait. Ever. Get back to your customers ASAP . Set clear SLAs and make sure you follow them. Build your organization to ensure that these SLAs are met. Automations will help you avoid excessive head-count.
  2. Always follow up. Don’t let the customer chase you. Ever. This is a basic rule, but still many of us fail to heed it We tell our customers that we’re checking something for them, and then we keep them waiting until we get a reply. This is bad service. Make sure to keep updating them; let them know you didn’t forget about them and are still working to provide them with what they need.
  3. Listen. Really listen. Wanna say something? Count to three and give the other side a chance to finish. You’ll learn so much more this way. eEven more important, you’ll give the other side the feeling that you genuinely care about them. Use tools (such as Gong, Chorus, etc.) to measure your listening versus talking.Trust me, most of us need to improve here.
Shai Ritblatt