Sidekick for Sales & Marketing

Supercharge your sales and marketing teams to win more deals & campaigns. 

Remove the admin work, track and monitor your entire pipeline to always stay two steps ahead.

  1. How many opportunities were created this week
  2. What is my total amount with a closed date for this quarter
  3. What opportunities have a close date this month 
  4. Which opps in proposal are missing attachments
  5. How many disqualified meetings were booked for me this quarter
  6. What is my average deal size from the past 6 months
  1. Send me a list of opportunities currently in negotiation
  2. Send me a list of opps closed-lost with reason due to payment terms
  3. Show me a list of new contacts i haven’t contacted in more than 10 days
  4. Show me a list of accounts i haven’t contacted in 30 days or more
  1. Let me know every time Tempo Corp is mentioned
  2. Can you remind me to follow up with Chris from Sears on Friday at 10am
  1. Can you write me a follow up email to a prospect interested in AI but hesitant

Remove blind spots over all aspects of the sales pipeline, instantly.

  1. How many meetings were booked for each sales executive in the past month 
  2. What is the average sales cycle
  3. What’s the total pipeline amount per region
  4. What is the current average deal size
  5. What is the current revenue potential for the EMEA team in Q3
  6. Which opportunities are stuck in Discovery for more than 30 days
  7. Is the team hitting their target this quarter?
  8. Are there any deals missing steps?
  1. Show me a breakdown of team and individual members’ performance with questions
  2. Show me a snapshop of number of opportunities created last month in EU
  3. Show me the number of total opportunities created this month compared to last month
  4. Show me a list of lost opportunities with reason this quarter
  5. Show me a list of opps that reduced in probability this past month
  1. Let me know when client ‘Tempo Corp’ completes onboarding
  2. Let me know when an opp over 50k moves to contract
  1. Track mentions of “negotiation”, “contract” “Tempo Corp” & "churn"

Master and efficiently manage your lead pipeline, campaigns, responses and coordination with the sales team.

  1. Which leads asked to follow up in Q3
  2. How many new leads signed up from the campaign in the last 12 hours
  3. How many email responses were received in the last 24 hours to the current campaign
  4. How many leads from Q2 reached Demo stage
  1. Show me a list of new meetings scheduled in the last 30 days
  2. Show me a list of meeting no shows from the last 30 days
  3. Can you send me all new leads each morning at 9am
  1. Let me know when Tempo Inc. reaches negotiation
  1. Summarize the #salesteam channel from the last 7 days
  2. Write me a confident email to someone interested but hesitant in our AI product
  3. Summarize in lamens terms this Harvard Business Review paper on Gen AI
  1. Follow up with Richie on the new product demo

Get full visibility into your demand generation campaigns and MQL pipelines, instantly.

  1. How many new qualified leads came in the last 24 hours
  2. Which email from the holiday campaign performed best this week
  1. Show me a snapshot of actual vs target performance for Q2
  2. Show me a snapshot of email performance from the last 30 days
  3. Show me post engagement rates from the last month
  1. Let me know when 5,000 signups was achieved in the email campaign
  2. Remind me to follow up with Gene to talk about the new graphics on Thursday at 10am
  1. Can you summarize the #general channel in slack
  2. Can you write me a marketing email promoting our new Cyber Security campaign
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