Management & Operations

Get full observability over all areas, instantly.

Remove blind spots over all activity, get all the info you need without all the apps and discussions, instantly.

Example use cases for upper management:
  1. Let me know when “Puma” finishes onboarding
  2. LMK every time an opportunity over 100k moves to contract
  3. Let me know when a client is stuck in onboarding for more than 14 days
  4. Track all mentions of Tempo Corp., churn, and contract
  5. Let me know when an opportunity in Salesforce above 50k is created
  1. Show me a list of clients at the end of their PoC
  2. Send me a list of opportunities over 100k
  3. Send me a snapshot of target vs actual revenue goals
  4. Send me a list of the total number of deals created by region in the last 30 days
  5. Send me a list of Jira issues stuck for more than 7 days
  6. Send me a list of all clients up for contract renewal in Q3
  7. Send me a list of clients currently at “risk”
  1. What is the total pipeline amount by region this quarter
  2. What is the average sales cycle
  1. Send me a summary of the #sales-team channel from this week
  2. Send me a summary of #nike-client channel from the past week

Maintain knowledge and get answers immediately on client activity and mentions, legal and contract stages.

Example use cases for legal & accounting:
  1. Let me know when “Tempo Inc.” reaches contract
  2. Track all mentions of “Ritchie's Surf Shop”, “Simple Bev”, “G&C Inc”
  3. Track all mentions of “contract” “legal” “red line”
  1. Show me a list of all clients up for contract renewal in Q3
  2. Send me a list of clients in “Contract”
  1. Which clients have been in “Contract” for more than 14 days
  2. Which clients are ending their PoC in Q3
  3. Which clients are on net 30 payment terms
  4. What clients are overdue on payment for 30 days or more
  5. What are the copyright laws in the UK
  1. Send me a summary of UK's data privacy laws

Easily review and get details on candidates, make employee onboarding easy and get precise answers on company policy.

Example use cases for HR managers:
  1. Let me know when Zack Benny completes his training sessions
  2. Remind me to send accounting the tax form of Amanda Kipnot
  3. Remind me to send the event vendor invoice at the end of the month
  4. Remind me to switch John's laptop for a dell
  1. Which candidate has experience with Python
  2. What is the company policy on vacation days
  3. What is the onboarding schedule for new employees
  4. What’s the email address of Steve Richards
  5. What are the allowed trip expenses for London per day
  1. Summarize Jacob’s resume
  2. Write me an exciting email to the company about an upcoming hackathon event
  3. Summarize the #general channel from the last week
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